And welcome! I'm Damien, a primarily traditional artist who specialises in drawing furry characters. I primarily work without colour and just my pencil, but I do hope to start adding colour in the future.Please Note
I am able to communicate in English, but it would go much smoother (and I would feel more comfortable) if we were to speak in Spanish or French.

Before you order, please make sure that you have read my terms of service. These terms apply to all commissions, as I do not offer commercial options at this point in time.All prices are base prices. There will be alterations for the prices in some instances, depending on what you are wishing for me to do. Some examples are as follows:
◌ Complex character designs
◌ Character count
◌ Insufficient references, or text only
◌ Complex backgrounds
◌ Overall amount of detail
You can view my terms of service HERE

Thank you!

Thank you for taking the time to consider me and my work for your project. My prices are listed to the side, however I will list them here as well in case the image is not loading well.Headshot | Lineart 15€ | Sketch 10€
Halfbody | Lineart 25€ | Sketch 20€
Fullbody | Lineart 40€ | Sketch 30€
◌ I am neither willing, nor comfortable, to draw the following!
Art Promoting hate ◌◌
Mecha ◌◌
Other's Artstyles ◌◌
Detailed backgrounds/elements ◌◌
NSFW or Gore ◌◌
Anything political or religious ◌◌
Anything else, please ask!

How to Order

◌ Send me an email, or message me on Instagram
◌ Make sure to include the following!
Your name ◌◌
Your email ◌◌
Type of commission ie headshot ◌◌
Character count ◌◌
Anything to note specific details and such ◌◌
Background if applicable ◌◌
Character information All Applicable info! ◌◌
Reference images ◌◌
Please note!
By sending this order, you are confirming that you have read and accept the terms of service for commissioning me, 'Damien Fox'.
I only use Paypal for payments!